The Restaurant

Between the inimitable flavors of the food and the unique personal involvement of each member of the wait staff, the dining experience at Black & Tan Hall is like no other. Our chef, servers, and hosts are owners of the establishment, invested in the experience we prepare. Every patron is a special guest in our home, and we look forward to hosting you.

The Black & Tan will soon open our doors to you for breakfast during the week and brunch on the weekends. And we look forward to welcoming you for dinner later this year. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates on what's happening at Black & Tan Hall. 

Head Chef Tarik Abdullah

Our cuisine grows from the inspired tastes and textures of Chef Tarik Abdullah's childhood. Growing up in a Muslim family with Southern roots, within a broader community where global foods were the norm, Tarik's palate was patterned with flavors from the Middle East, India, Pakistan and more. His culinary creations honor traditions from North Africa, the Mediterranean, and the American South -- which got him national attention when he was a finalist on television cooking show, The Taste. Surrounded by a plethora of delicious food and talented cooks, he has been honing his craft for 25 years.

In addition to his passion for cooking, Tarik also loves working with children. In the Kitchen with Chef T, a pilot junior culinary program for kids age 6-17, gained so much attention that one of his students competed on the Food Network’s Junior Baking Competition. His stance on children who want to create in the kitchen flows from a philosophy melding food and compassion: "Why not teach them what I’m learning and cooking?" At the end of the day, this chef is about his love for cooking, kids, and his community. #feedthepeople #teachthekids